How to Understand and Controlling Cat Behavior

Many times I hear from cat owners about how difficult it is to watch their cat’s behavior. Even the sweetest cat can misbehave and often leave a mess inside the house. However, it’s not all bad news as cats’ bad behavior can sometimes be solved by training your cat. In this article you’ll learn how to communicate with your cat inside the house and what actions to consider when trying to train your cat.

The primary goal of training is to establish yourself as the leader of the pack. When you see that your cat is consistently misbehaving in the house, try to take a positive attitude. Try to make it clear that it’s not acceptable to do whatever it is that you’re doing because you’re the owner of the house. You’ll also need to make it clear that if you want to correct your cat’s behavior, you have to catch it in the act so you can logically explain your actions. This way your cat will understand that it’s not good behavior.

It may help to use the same kind of logic when talking to other animals as you would when dealing with your cat. Sometimes cats misbehave because they are frustrated or angry at something. You’ll want to try to explain the situation in terms your cat will understand. Keep in mind though, that if you start saying things like “That’s not fair” or “You shouldn’t do that” in a negative tone, your cat will interpret you as being angry or negative and will therefore want to stop the behavior.

Inside the house, cats usually misbehave because they’re hungry, bored or because they’re playing. If your cat has nothing to do, she might find something to do like chew on your furniture. If she’s bored, she might dig holes outside to get some attention. If she’s playing, you might notice her mimicking people or animals outside.

Sometimes cats misbehave because they are trying to establish their dominance over you. If you’ve ever had a pet cat, she probably made you feel like you were in charge. If you’re trying to house train your cat, make sure she knows you’re the boss before you put her in her place. Take a baby step and try playing the role of the boss until she gets the idea that you’re still in charge.

Cat behavior is a lot like human behavior. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if your cat is happy or sad. When you notice your cat is doing something that shows she’s unhappy, do something to comfort her. Try giving her a lap dance if she needs one. Some cats will even purr when they’re happy.

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